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Migrations – PowerShell Can Help

Migrations are simply a part of a database administrator’s life.  And as we start a new year, we probably will have a few migrations to do in the upcoming year.  So, rather than shy away from them or have that … Continue reading

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Domain Security Groups – Who is in the group?

As we all know, user access is one of the tasks that DBA’s are responsible for in their environment.  And if we are following best practices and want to make our lives easier, we should be handling user access with … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday in Chicago (2016)

This past Saturday I attended SQL Saturday in Chicago ( It was a nice event and there were plenty of opportunities to network, get product demonstrations, and get some FREE SQL Server training. Sessions I attended: What’s New in SQL … Continue reading

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Where Can I Live? What Address is Available?

Probably, most of us have shopped for a new place to live at some time in our life. Regardless of the type of place we wanted to buy (i.e. home versus condo), the first thing we needed to know was … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Your Hardware

Should a DBA know what kind of hardware they are running on? And better yet, should they care? My answer to both questions would be a firm … YES! Here are two reasons why a DBA should know and care … Continue reading

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Maintenance Windows – Planning and Checking!

Everything requires maintenance.  A home without maintenance (i.e. neglected or abandoned) may begin to deteriorate and fall apart.  A car without maintenance (i.e. oil changes, tire rotations, etc.) may not perform optimally.  Customer relationships without maintenance (or management) may grow … Continue reading

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Can You Do it Again? … and Again? … ok, Let’s Automate it!

When I am playing with my almost 2 year old son, he loves to have me do the same thing over and over again.  For instance, he really loves playing with his toy car that I pull back and release.  … Continue reading

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