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A Goal for the New Year – Compensation Review

With every new year, many people decide to make goals that they want to accomplish.  At times, these goals may include reviewing our compensation and/or setting a target.  So, how do we know what our compensation should be? Here are … Continue reading

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Power BI – Introduction

As data professionals, we all have heard a lot about Power BI.  However, some may not be familiar with what exactly it is.  Therefore, I am going to use this post as an introduction to Power BI. What is Power … Continue reading

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Conferences for 2017

As professionals, we all know how important training and networking can be.  And that is why many of us like to go to conferences.  At these events, they may help us in the following ways: Give guidance with a particular … Continue reading

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Migrations – PowerShell Can Help

Migrations are simply a part of a database administrator’s life.  And as we start a new year, we probably will have a few migrations to do in the upcoming year.  So, rather than shy away from them or have that … Continue reading

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Domain Security Groups – Who is in the group?

As we all know, user access is one of the tasks that DBA’s are responsible for in their environment.  And if we are following best practices and want to make our lives easier, we should be handling user access with … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2016 … Is it a Game Changer?

With every new release of SQL Server, Microsoft claims that it is a game changer. However, in some ways I think it might be true regarding SQL Server 2016. Here are some of the things Microsoft is saying to promote … Continue reading

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SQL Intersection 2016 (Orlando FL)

For my training this year, I went to SQL Intersection ( in Orlando, Florida from April 18-22, 2016. This was a new experience for me since I normally attend the SQL PASS conference in Seattle, Washington ( And there were … Continue reading

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