Conferences for 2017

As professionals, we all know how important training and networking can be.  And that is why many of us like to go to conferences.  At these events, they may help us in the following ways:

  • Give guidance with a particular strategy or direction with a certain technology
  • Receive technical training on implementing a specific piece of technology
  • Opportunity to network with those facing similar challenges as our organization

Just recently, I attended the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Grapevine, Texas.  This was my first time attending this event and I found it to be quite beneficial.  The event blended real world problems with the data and analytic technology that could solve them.  Particularly interesting were the keynotes which focused on things such as: business opportunities that use data and technology, technology in the entertainment world, how leaders need to view the abundance of data, the way that frustration can lead to creativity, and the blending of technology and people today.  Although this conference did not provide the technical training that I had been used to with other conferences, it did provide the strategy and direction needed for my organization.

In regards to other conferences, here are some that I think would be beneficial this year:

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