See a Little Bit More

Recently, I had an eye doctor appointment.  And I really like my eye doctor because he likes technology and he always uses the latest technology to scan your eyes, so that he can do the best job possible.  At this visit, I noticed that he had just bought a new machine to replace the machine he had just purchased the year before.  When I asked him about this, he said the newer machine was a little more thorough and allowed him to see a little bit more.  Then, he mentioned that he kind of wished this technology existed years ago, so he could have made a more thorough investigation for some of his past patients.  He said it would have allowed him to more accurately diagnose problems and get them treated faster.

I totally understand what he means!  In the past week, I installed our new monitoring software, SQL Sentry Power Suite for SQL Server (, which I felt performed the best from a previous monitoring software review (  Within just a few minutes after installation, this monitoring software was able to identify a few issues that I was able to address right away.  And although these were not “showstopper” type issues, I felt like this monitoring software was helping me to do my job even better and see a little bit more into our servers.  It really is like having another set of eyes watching your environment.  So, hopefully every DBA can convince their company to spend some money on monitoring software, because I feel it is well worth the price.

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