A Preview … At the Chicago SQL Server User Group

Yesterday, I went to the Chicago SQL Server User Group meeting (http://chicago.sqlpass.org/), which I always enjoy going to when I have a chance.  It is an opportunity to get some free training, perhaps a free meal, and be able to network with other SQL Server professionals in your area.  I find the networking aspects especially beneficial for the following reasons:

  • You can get ideas of things to try or even implement in your environment
  • You can bounce your ideas off others and gain their input
  • And of course, the traditional reason for networking is to advance your career

Brent Ozar presented a preview of what he will be presenting at the SQL PASS Summit 2013 (http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/2013/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=4358).  Now, I can’t spill the beans about any of the information he presented, but I felt like what he talked about was immediately applicable in my current environment.  He is a very entertaining presenter and contributes a lot to the SQL Server community as a whole.

So, I would encourage everyone to get involved with the SQL community to some extent, because it can be very beneficial to your career.

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